Sign up for a membership and receive magical letters + postcards from Fairyland every week. Your card will be billed automatically, and it's free to cancel anytime!


1. Sign Up

Let us know where you'd like to receive your magical deliveries.

2. Check Your Mailbox

Find a magical letter or postcard in your mailbox every week, sent with love straight from Fairyland. 

3. Live the Magic

Use your magical deliveries to create a Fairytale childhood for your little ones. Check out our blog for even more ideas! 

"It's one of the simplest, most curious joys that the girls absolutely love!"

Johnna Holmgren

"I love seeing them holding these letters close and then drawing pictures of what they imagine their fairy friends look like."

Bryana Likes

"This whimsical, adorable, magical company has brought so much joy and imagination into our home."

MaLyn Galloway 




How often will I receive deliveries?

After signing up for a membership, you'll receive a delivery from Fairyland every week.

What comes in each delivery?

We alternate between sending letters and postcards. Your first delivery will include a magical growth chart and each delivery after will encourage them to fill in the chart as they complete magical challenges that teach them to "live with a kind heart, in the midst of fresh air, within the pages of a story + under the cover of adventure" (The Magical Manifesto).  Each letter includes a personalized envelope, a note from a fairy, an interactive gift, and a pouch of fairy dust or other similar gift. Postcards host beautiful illustrations along with a magical challenge.   

Can more than one child be included in a subscription?

Absolutely! You can include as many children as you'd like in a subscription, at no extra charge, as long as each child lives at the same address.