We no longer offer our weekly letter subscription. However, we now offer a new + exciting way to print Fairy Mail from the convenience of your own home!


"It's one of the simplest, most curious joys that the girls absolutely love!"

Johnna Holmgren

"I love seeing them holding these letters close and then drawing pictures of what they imagine their fairy friends look like."

Bryana Likes

"This whimsical, adorable, magical company has brought so much joy and imagination into our home."

MaLyn Galloway 


What is the Fairy Mail Club?

The Fairy Mail Club is a digital library of magical learning resources + fairy letters, designed to help you add magic to your everyday. All the resources in The Fairy Mail club are downloadable so you can print them at home whenever your family needs magic the most.

Will I still be able to receive physical letters from the fairies in my mailbox?

We are no longer accepting new subscribers to our weekly letter delivery service. If you have a current subscription, letters will continue to arrive according to your current schedule.

If I have a weekly letter subscription, do I need to join for The Fairy Mail Club to maintain my deliveries?

To our longtime customers, thank you so much for your support! As a gift of gratitude, we will be reaching out to you on an individual basis via email with an opportunity to join The Fairy Mail Club at a discounted price. However, you do not need to join The Fairy Mail Club to continue your service.