We believe in magic.

The important kind of magic is the simple magic that surrounds us every day. It manifests itself in the velvety-soft touch of a flower petal, the power of a kind word, and the excitement born from reading a favorite story. This is the kind of magic that is real and it’s what we think happy childhoods are built upon.

That’s why we created Fairy Mail. We want children to know about the good so they can become the good, and believe in magic so they can use their imaginations & creativity to build a magical life.

We teach children that positive words have power, that wishes really do come true, and that kindness is the first rule of all magic. We hope that in doing this, children understand that they are important, special, and talented.

We hope these special deliveries inspire children to appreciate nature, love themselves and others more, and look for beauty in every corner of their lives.

The future of the world depends on happy families, confident children, and love—always love. We hope Fairy Mail can bring all of these things into your home, and even make your wishes come true. After all, that’s our speciality.