Frequently Asked Questions

I just subscribed. How often will I receive deliveries?

When you subscribe to a magical letter membership, you’ll receive two letters each month, sent about two weeks apart. Each letter is filled with lessons about magic, a gift from the fairy world, and a pouch of fairy dust.  Letters are mailed on the 4th & the 18th of each month. Order by the 1st or the 15th to have your first letter mailed with the next outgoing batch of letters. 

Can my child(ren) reply to their letters?

Yes! We love receiving letters from children across the world, and work hard to answer their questions about magic. Due to the volume of letters we receive, we are unable to answer every letter, but we write back as often as we can. 

Mail letters to:

The Fairy Mail Company

P.O. Box 1667

Iona, ID 83427

Are packages included in a Magical Letter Subscription?

Packages are sold as one-time deliveries and are not included in a letter membership, unless you prepay for 6 or 12 months of a membership (one package is included with a 6-month prepay and two packages are included in a 12-month prepay).

For other specific inquiries, please email us at: