The Power of Kindness!


Product Description

Celebrate the season of magic with an overflowing package from the fairy world—filled with whimsical gifts that teach the most important lesson about magic: Kindness! Includes a letter from the fairies along with 6 magical gifts to open on 6 separate days. Each one comes with a kindness challenge (and all the necessary magical tools to complete it!), designed to encourage children to truly practice the power of kindness. Day 1: Think of someone who needs a friend and do something extra kind for them! The fairies know this can take some guts, so they’ve sent magical lavender that only grows on Fairy Island. It’s filled with courage, and will share its courage with you if you carry some along. Day 2: Send a love note to a friend who lives far away. Use the stamped envelope & fairy card to write your message, then fill the envelope with magic confetti! It’s a common fairy secret: sending a letter filled with confetti is good luck (for the sender and the receiver!) Day 3: Fairy dust helps wishes to come true! Use the double dose the fairies have sent to make a wish for yourself. Then use the rest to make a wish for someone you know! Day 4: Deliver a treat to someone you love. Then eat the treat the fairies have sent—magical honey from Piper’s bees! Day 5: Use today’s fairy gift of rare stardust to send happy thoughts to a friend. Then enjoy extra good dreams! Day 6: Give something you love to someone who needs it more than you do. The fairies know how difficult this can be, so they’ve sent the best gift of all. A magical nightlight—wherever its light touches becomes a room full of magic! And remember: “If you are kind when it is the most difficult, that’s when you become the most magical.”

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