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A Year of Magic!


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Product Description

Sent in an unmarked box, this package is intended to be discovered & its contents dispersed by parents or guardians throughout the year as you choose. Includes "Welcome to Fairyland!" & "Meet the Fairies!" introduction letters, the "Magical Growth Chart for Friends of Fairies," Nature Collection Pouch, Magnifying Glass, Bottle of Fairy Dust, 3 Planter Pots, and 24 Magical Letters from the Fairies. (Specific Letters: 4 Kindness Postcards, 8 Magical Botanical Lessons with plant & seed samples collected from Fairyland--except when sent internationally--substitute letters are included, as we are unable to ship seeds to other countries--, 4 "News from Fairyland" letters with magical gifts, 4 "Magical Scavenger Hunt" Letters, and 4 "Lessons from Literature" postcards.)

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