Receive Magical Deliveries from Fairyland!

Receive enchanting letters & postcards sent directly from fairyland to your mailbox! Deliveries arrive twice a month and are filled with lessons about magic and interactive challenges and gifts from the fairies, including fairy dust, stardust, magical beeswax, and samples of magical plants & seeds gathered from fairyland! *When sent internationally, seeds are replaced with another gift, as we are not able to ship seeds to other countries.

Month to Month

Pay as you go each month! Your credit card will be billed automatically, and it's free to cancel anytime. Magical deliveries arrive twice a month!

12 Month Prepay

Save $6.88 + receive the "Welcome to Fairyland!" package as your first delivery for FREE when you pay ahead for your Year of Fairy Mail! Magical deliveries arrive twice a month.

Love to save?

Order "A Year of Magic!" package and save $35! 

You'll receive an entire year of Fairy Mail in one package for more than 20% less than a subscription + you'll get the contents of the "Welcome to Fairyland!" package for FREE! This delivery is sent in an unmarked box, intended to be discovered by parents & its contents dispersed throughout the year as you choose. Includes 24 magical letters!

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